The Sony ZV-1F vlogging camera is just what video makers need for the job.

On Thursday, October 13, Sony officially introduced the Sony-ZV-1F vlogging camera to the public. You may re-watch the live debut at the bottom of this page, but in the meanwhile, here is what you missed…

Because it is so little and weighs so little (229 grams), the Sony ZV-1F should be quite easy to carry about in a pocket for on-the-go recording and editing. It is an alternative to the well-known Sony ZV-1 and Sony ZV-E10 that is less expensive and easier to use for novices. This vlogging camera from Sony is geared toward younger content makers who are looking for a cheap entry-level choice that nevertheless provides footage of higher quality than a smartphone can provide.

The body of the camera is created from recyclable materials, and it has been intended to be straightforward and uncomplicated to operate. This is a factor that younger shoppers in today’s market frequently prioritize when making purchasing decisions.

There are a few similarities between the original Sony ZV-1 and the Sony ZV-1F, both of which are not yet being phased out of production. It has a 1-inch sensor with 20 megapixels and can record video in 4K at 30 frames per second. Additionally, it can film at 5x slow motion or at 60x for hyper-lapse material.

The lens is the primary component that distinguishes the ZV-1F from the ZV-1. The more expensive ZV-1 comes with a 24-70mm lens, whilst the newly released ZV-1F features a wide-angle 20mm f/2 lens that makes it easier to fit more people into the frame when taking group photos.

Sony ZV-1F vlogging camera Price:

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