The new Enduro Battery from GoPro lasts longer and can withstand more extreme conditions.

GoPro, the popular action camera manufacturer, has introduced a new accessory that will definitely appeal to thrill seekers who enjoy exploring difficult environments.

The Enduro Battery for Hero 10 and Hero 9 Black is designed to last longer and withstand harsh temperatures better than the normal battery.

The new 1720mAh Enduro Battery, according to GoPro, will outlive the current Hero 10 and Hero 9 batteries by up to 40% and will perform better in colder environments.

While comparing typical record times in high and low light, it appears that the biggest changes will be seen when filming at the highest resolution and frame rates.

When the battery temperature is 14F/-10C, the Enduro can shoot up to 50 minutes of 4K/120 film or 76 minutes of 4K/60 footage on average.

Again, this is when the battery temperature is so low, implying that the camera is being used in a significantly colder location.

Even in typical summer temperatures of 77F/25C, it can record up to 51 minutes of 4K/120 (a 40% improvement over a conventional battery) or 71 minutes of 4K/60 (13 per cent increase on standard battery).

The battery might be a game changer for individuals that film things like skiing (or any other winter sport) in the frigid mountains, or do a lot of shooting in hot summers.

If you record in higher frame rates – pushing the camera to its recording capabilities – during regular use in mild conditions, you’ll see a significant improvement.

As previously stated, the new battery is compatible with the most recent two flagship GoPro models: the Hero 10 Black and Hero 9 Black. It costs $24.99/£24.99 in the US/UK and is available now from GoPro.

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